Sourcing Emerging Managers

4Alts is a two-way platform. This means 4Alts provides our services to investors for the managers they choose. We also hand-pick managers to offer investors across alternative asset classes. This video outlines what we look for in an emerging manager. 

Structuring with 4Alts

Short video highlighting the benefits of fund vehicle structuring with 4Alts.

Launching a Hedge Fund? Do you know your expense Ratio?

The front end legal expenses and ongoing operating costs embedded in managing a hedge fund can often create a significant drag on returns while the fund is scaling up in assets. Especially those funds starting out with less than $50m in assets. 4Alts has economized structuring and operating a hedge fund for aspiring hedge fund managers starting with smaller initial assets as low as $3m.

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls...Or Do with a Little TLC

Investors are often chasing financial "waterfalls" with hedge funds, but should ensure they are getting enough TLC (Transparency, Liquidity and Control).

4Alts Daily Process

Short video outlining the daily process of the 4Alts Alternative Investment Platform

4Alts is a digital alternatives investment platform that economizes fund structuring and ongoing operational and risk management of alternative fund strategies via a managed account

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